Monday, August 1, 2016

Modern Brazilian Interior Residence Architecture in Sao Paulo

Here is a Brazilian Residence that features the interior residence architecture in modern styles. The residence is located in Alphaville, Sao Paulo. The architect, Anna Novaes, get enormous admiration from her admire for the German Architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. This residence is called as Conseil Brazil office on the surface of 230 square-meters residence.

Here are some pictures following the details about this Brazilian residence. The interior residence architecture and furniture used gains the concept of social environment in a single place. The social environment includes the dining room, television room, breakfast room, gourmet, and living zones. To part some of them, the designer uses glass partition that still allow looking at other room. We will find also sliding door to divide the two places. Beside, by accomplishing this style, it can result the prevalence of the natural lights for every room. They also use natural color to make the minimalist room and has own enchanting styles.

Looking at the social environment, the living room is decorated with brown leather sofas with white bench table. There is also a dining table using dark wood bench table and with brown chairs. The chandelier is designed as long thick stick as slim lamp. The television room is also designed as soft by applying white leather sofa with white bench facing the television set that are applied in wooden rack. The living room and television room is near and it is with no partition as other in this social room. When we look at the bedroom design, they use white and grey bed combined with the white and grey pillows. There is also a set of dark brown leather lounge chair in foot bed side.

Here is the soft and modern nuance of the Brazilian home design included the interior design. The interior residence architecture and furniture design and styles of this house features enchanting looks with gathering social environment styles.